Drill Bits

Auger Drill Bits

These cut large, deep accurate holes. The spiraling shaft comes to a fine, threaded point. Carbon-steel bits are best and can be resharpened.

  • 6 to 60 mm diameter
  • Black and polished
  • 50 HRC
  • High carbon steels brad tip
  • Carbide tipped hex shank
  • SDS shank


HSS Brad Point (Dowel) Bits for Wood

These are one of the three main types of wood drill bits, they are characterised by the small point at the tip of the bit. Spurs on either side of the point will cut clean, straight holes. They are suitable for all types of woods, plastics and sheet metals and come in a huge range of sizes and lengths.

  • 3 to 16 mm diameter
  • High carbon steel
  • Full length heat treated
  • Short/regular/long
  • Reduced shank/Hex shank in singles and sets


  • Brad point for hard wood

  • Brad Point


Centre & Spotting drill bits

Centre, spotting HSS and solid carbide drill bit.

  • Size 1 – 8 mm
  • Flute dia 1.6 – 10.5mm
  • HRC 45/55/65
  • TiN /TiAIN coated

Conical drill bits

  • HSS Conical Step drill bits
  • Titanium coated



HSS Conical Stepless drill bits 1/8 to ¾”



Countersink Drill Bits

As well as drilling a hole, these bits also cut a space for screw heads. They are ideal for preventing wood from splitting.

  • Carbon steel/Tungsten Carbide


Diamond core drills.

These top-of-the range drill bits are for dry use, coring out walls. They will also work on concrete floors and platforms where depth permits. They are designed to cope with nearly all walling brick and stone up to the hardness of a semi-engineering brick. They will also cope with re-bar in concrete. Sizes are selected to meet the needs of modern PVC pipework and extractor ducts as well as the more traditional copper pipes.

  • Body is made from HHS steel cutting diameter- 25 to 162mm
  • Cutting depth – to your requirements
  • Cutting material – diamond grit
  • Dry , wet cut combi-cut.


Masonry Drill Bits

These can cut into many masonry surfaces. The shaft spirals up to a tip that is often composed of an extra-hardened material. Bit colours vary because of the different materials used. The tip may be a different colour from the shaft due to a hardened coating. For instance, a chrome-vanadium shaft may be finished with a tungsten-carbide tip.

  • DIN 8039 3 to 25 mm
  • 130 degree point
  • Also available sand blast finish.


SDS Bits

In addition to the standard drill bits, there is a wide range of specialty bits are available made for a specific task, or to fit a particular type of chuck. These are made specifically to fit an SDS chuck mechanism, and won’t work with any other. The end that fits into the chuck has a fluted appearance; the drilling part of the shaft is normal.

  • Standard flute
    Cross head tipped
  • Double flute
  • DIN 8035


Tile and Glass Bits

The spear-shaped tungsten-carbide tip penetrates a tile or piece of glass, then enlarges the hole to the diameter of the tip’s base.

  • High Carbon steel
  • Straight and hex shank
  • Cross and flat tip
  • 1.5 to 16mm
  • Length 65 to 125mm


Twisted drill bits

These are known as high-speed steel (HSS) bits and are characterised by their black colour. More expensive, durable ones may contain cobalt or be titanium-coated. They can also be used on wood or plastic, but they last longer if reserved for metalwork.

  • Twist Drill bits  Black Roll forged                                                                                                                       
  • Standards – DIN338 / DIN340 /DIN 1897 / Din 1869 / ASME                                        
  • Material – HSS   M2 ,W4                                                                                          
  • Hardness- 66 HRC
  • Size 0.2 – 20 mm diameter           
  • 118 deg or 135 deg split point                                                                                         
  • Packing  10 pcs in PVC envelops, 10 pcs in plastic tube, blister pack

Rolled and Polished                                                                                                                        

  • Standards – DIN338 / DIN340 /DIN 1897 / Din 1869 / ASME                                        
  • Material – HSS  M42(8% Cobalt) / M35 (5% Cobalt) / M2/  W4                                                                                                      
  • Hardness- 66 HRC                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Size 0.2 – 20 mm diameter                                                                                                     
  • 118 deg or 135 deg split point 
  • Packing  10 pcs in PVC envelops, 10 pcs in plastic tube, blister pack



Bright TiN Coated

  • DIN338 HSS 
  • Twist Drill bits gold finish ground milled
  • Size 0.2 – 20 mm diameter
  • 118 deg or 135 deg split point



Fully Ground                                                                                                                      

  • DIN338 HSS E   5 or 8% Cobalt                                                                                                                 
  • Twist Drill bits gold finish                                                                                                
  • Size 0.2 – 20 mm diameter                                                                                                     
  • 118 deg or 135 deg split point
  • Surface finished- rolled forge, rolled & edge ground, Fully ground
  • Materials – HSS-M2, M35, W9341, W4321, W4241- rolled forged/edge ground, fully ground



Wood Spade or Paddle Bits

The pointed tip begins the hole and the paddle-shaped blade bores large, wide holes. The size is clearly marked on the paddle’s face.

  • 6 to 60 mm length 152 to 400m
  • High carbon steel
  • 50 HRC
  • Hex shank